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About Me

Hiiii I'm Cyt | Yingting | @cyt_draws (IG&Twitter) | an artist

Programme: Photoshop cc (procreate sometimes)
Tool: Wacom Intuos Pro Medium


Hulian, a girl with many secrets. She is known as 'the Last Envoy' of the fox spirits. But no one knows where she comes from, either does she. Follow the story to join her adventures and find out her true identity.

Author notes:
Fox Token is free to read on both Webtoon and Tapas!
No scheduled release date as this is only a small project (for now) but I will continue the story. Follow my instagram for the most recent update ;)
Below is the first episode. Remember to subscribe on Webtoon or Tapas!

Chainsaw Man

Jujutsu Kaisen

HP- OCxDraco


Private Commission: closed
Commercial Commission: open

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